Exotic paradise

The Îles de Glénan are an archipelago of islands about 10 miles (16km) off the south coast of Finistère. Only accessible in summer, they are best known for their sailing and diving schools and for having a unique indigenous flower.

The archipelago is made up of nine main islands and many islets, in the middle of which is a lagoon renowned for the clarity of its water and the whiteness of its sands; in fact, the area has been described as ‘the Breton Tahiti’.
You can walk to Bananec Island from Saint-Nicolas at low tide when a ribbon of sand appears.

Landmarks ahoy

A lighthouse and a semaphore can be found on Penfret Island while Île Cigogne is instantly recognisable by its fort, which was built in 1756 to keep English pirates out of the lagoon. Halfway between the archipelago and the coast is the Île aux Moutons, which has an automated lighthouse and is a known nesting ground for two types of sterns.